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1912155Asymptotic Statistical Inference: A Basic Course Using RShailaja Deshmukh, Madhuri Kulkarni9811590028Mathematicsbrt25kc4/18/2021 12:28:19 PMAdd LinkX
1911316Child and Adolescent Development in Context - International Student EditionTara L. Kuther1071808044Psychologyggeecckkoo4/14/2021 11:54:03 AMAdd LinkX
1906928Manual of Central European Muscidae (Diptera): Morphology, Taxonomy, Identification and DistributionFrantisek Gregor, Rudolf Rozkosny, Miroslav Bartak & Jaromir Vanhara3510550498BiologyCatDog19973/27/2021 8:32:11 PMAdd LinkX
1903394Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases 3rd Ed.Hal Blumenfeld1605359629Medicinefreebookspot@bugmenot.com3/15/2021 12:02:44 PMAdd LinkX
1902636An Introduction to Dynamical Systems: Continuous and Discrete, Second EditionRex Clark Robinson0821891359Mathematicssilvergrasshopper3/13/2021 5:03:53 AMAdd LinkX
1898894Anaesthesie Intensivmedizin Notfallmedizin Fuer Studium und AusbildungHans Walter Striebel3132431044Medicinefreebookspot@bugmenot.com3/1/2021 8:26:17 PMAdd LinkX
1891409Mouthwatering Taco RecipesMouthwatering Taco Recipes: A Bouquet of Tacos to Enjoy All Year LongB08VHY794QCookingalex21s2/10/2021 7:53:03 AMAdd LinkX
1891407Robotic Knitting ReCrafting HumanRobot Collaboration Through Careful CobotingRobotic Knitting – Re–Crafting Human–Robot Collaboration Through Careful Coboting (Science Studies)3837652033Other Engineeringalex21s2/10/2021 7:44:43 AMAdd LinkX
1891387Calisthenics Challenge To Go Beastmode: Easy Guide To Get Ripped With Bodyweight Training: Calisthenics BodybuildingGary McklveenB08TYVDJ36Self-developmentalex21s2/10/2021 7:26:43 AMAdd LinkX
1891374Analyzing and Managing Banking Risk: A Framework for Assessing Corporate Governance and Financial Riskalyzing and Managing Banking Risk: A Framework for Assessing Corporate Governance and Financial Risk0821377280Managementalex21s2/10/2021 7:07:57 AMAdd LinkX