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156853393Feng-Hsiung HsuBehind Deep Blue: Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion2018DJVU7/11/2019 7:42:45 PMGustavi
156844446Andy SoltisColle System: Zukertort Variation, 5 b3: A White Opening You Can Use for the Rest of Your Career1998PDF7/11/2019 5:00:31 PMGustavi
156787163Samuel ReshevskyThe Art of Positional Play2002PDF7/11/2019 12:52:53 PMGustavi
156787838John EmmsStarting Out: The Scotch Game2005PDF7/11/2019 12:52:46 PMGustavi
1566331126Richard PalliserComplete Chess Workout 2 Another 1200 Puzzles To Train Your Brain2013pdf7/8/2019 1:07:18 AM007x
156616667John Nunn , Joe GallagherThe Complete Najdorf Modern Lines The Definitive Guide to Fischer and Kasparov's Favorite Chess Opening (Batsford Chess Opening Guides)2003pdf7/7/2019 8:41:10 PM007x
156541675Sergey ShipovThe Complete Hedgehog, Vol. 22011pdf7/6/2019 3:13:47 AM007x
156541480John NunnThe Complete Pirc1996pdf7/6/2019 2:04:57 AM007x
1565412100Luc HenrisThe Complete Albin-Counter-Gambitundefinedpdf7/6/2019 1:51:37 AM007x
1565188103Ludek PachmanComplete Chess Strategy Principles of Pawn Play and the Centre1976pdf7/5/2019 7:23:59 PM007x
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