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185172212David Vincent Meconi, Eleonore StumpThe Cambridge Companion to Augustine, 2nd Edition2014EPUB11/27/2020 9:01:02 AMtopron
18516725Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter KaufmannThe Gay Science: With a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs1976EPUB11/27/2020 8:04:47 AMtopron
185166712Daniel PinchbeckConspiranoia: The Betrayed States of America2020EPUB11/27/2020 8:00:34 AMtopron
18516255Walter BenjaminWalter Benjamin, 'Critique de la violence et autres essais'2018EPUB11/27/2020 6:36:05 AMtopron
185157023Deleuze and the PassionsDeleuze and the Passions2016PDF11/27/2020 3:11:00 AMgestalt
185156916Philosophy for MilitantsPhilosophy for Militants2017PDF11/27/2020 3:10:02 AMgestalt
185156426Sven NyholmHumans and Robots: Ethics, Agency, and Anthropomorphism2020PDF11/27/2020 3:05:06 AMgestalt
185155231Monique RoelofsArts of Address: Being Alive to Language and the World2020True PDF11/27/2020 2:51:38 AMgestalt
185155127Emmanuel FalqueNothing to It: Reading Freud as a Philosopher2020True PDF11/27/2020 2:50:54 AMgestalt
185153013Brian J. ShanleyThe Thomist Tradition (Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy of Religion2002PDF11/27/2020 2:08:23 AMgestalt
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