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191246110Dheerendra Kumar DwivediSurface Engineering: Enhancing Life of Tribological Components2018pdf4/22/2021 12:39:27 PMtvladb77
1912584125Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Furqan Jamil, Hamza BabarThermal Energy Storage: Storage Techniques, Advanced Materials, Thermophysical Properties and Applications2021-05-18PDF4/21/2021 5:06:49 AMstirkout
191246250Xia-Ting FengRock Mechanics and Engineering Volume 5: Surface and Underground Projects2018pdf4/20/2021 1:54:59 PMtvladb77
163633554Qing-Hua QinGreen's Function and Boundary Elements of Multifield Materials2007-08-01pdf4/20/2021 12:48:59 PMtvladb77
1912262129Yashvir SinghProperties and Uses of Vegetable Oils2021-04-20pdf4/19/2021 11:01:10 AMrisotor
191202079Gail H. MarcusNuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Development2010epub4/18/2021 5:49:39 AMrisotor
191105737Wei XiaFabrication of Metal-Organic Framework Derived Nanomaterials and Their Electrochemical Applications2018pdf4/14/2021 1:20:53 PMtvladb77
1911024130Bindhy Wasini Pandey, Subhash AnandWater Science and Sustainability2021-05-21PDF4/13/2021 10:15:50 AMmaveriks
191098994Ke HuangRecrystallization: Types, Techniques and Applications2020-03-16pdf4/13/2021 3:23:23 AMmaveriks
163222320W.J. LoughHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography: Fundamental Principles and Practice1995djvu4/12/2021 11:42:47 PMtvladb77
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