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18975047Elisheva A. PerelmanAmerican Evangelists and Tuberculosis in Modern Japan2020PDF2/25/2021 7:37:25 PMalex21s
189750312Allison Machlis MeyerTelltale Women : Chronicling Gender in Early Modern Historiography2021PDF2/25/2021 7:25:15 PMalex21s
189750117Chris MurrayChina From the Ruins of Athens and Rome : Classics, Sinology, and Romanticism, 1793-19382020PDF2/25/2021 7:19:52 PMalex21s
18975008Katherine Dauge-RothSigning the Body : Marks on Skin in Early Modern France2020PDF2/25/2021 7:16:38 PMalex21s
189749619Georg LehnerChina in European Encyclopaedias, 1700-18502011-05-10pdf2/25/2021 5:29:24 PMmaveriks
189749319Broida MAncient Israelites and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide (Cultures of the Ancient World)2019PDF2/25/2021 5:24:56 PMmaveriks
189748926Peter Derow, the late Peter Sidney Derow, Andrew Erskine, Josephine Crawley QuinnRome, Polybius, and the East2014-02pdf2/25/2021 5:19:12 PMmaveriks
189748612Suzanne M. YeagerJerusalem in Medieval Narrative2008-11-06pdf2/25/2021 5:14:29 PMmaveriks
189747514Lieve Van HoofPlutarch's Practical Ethics: The Social Dynamics of Philosophy2010-06-24pdf2/25/2021 4:57:39 PMmaveriks
189746647Michael C. HawkinsSemi-Civilized : The Moro Village at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition2020EPUB2/25/2021 12:55:09 PMalex21s
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