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176438837screte and Computational Geometry and Graphs: 18th Japan Conference, JCDCGG 2015, Kyoto, Japan, SeptDiscrete and Computational Geometry and Graphs2016PDF6/3/2020 10:56:15 AMgestalt
176416337Eligius M.T. HendrixIntroduction to Nonlinear and Global Optimization2010PDF6/3/2020 4:09:24 AMgestalt
1764156122Gustavo ScagliaLinear Algebra Based Controllers: Design and Applications2020PDF,EPUB6/3/2020 4:01:24 AMgestalt
176415323Paul LeviSymbiotic Multi-Robot Organisms: Reliability, Adaptability, Evolution2010PDF6/3/2020 3:58:06 AMgestalt
176415252Arnold L. RosenbergThe Pillars of Computation Theory: State, Encoding, Nondeterminism2010PDF6/3/2020 3:57:20 AMgestalt
1764132168Richard J. LiptonThe P=NP Question and Godels Lost Letter2010PDF6/2/2020 5:56:19 PMtopron
1764131112E. S. GopiMathematical Summary for Digital Signal Processing Applications with Matlab2010PDF(Repost),EPUB6/2/2020 5:55:20 PMtopron
176412974Thomas Bartz-BeielsteinExperimental Methods for the Analysis of Optimization Algorithms2010PDF6/2/2020 5:50:53 PMtopron
176412281Peter DeuflhardNewton Methods for Nonlinear Problems: Affine Invariance and Adaptive Algorithms2011PDF6/2/2020 5:38:59 PMtopron
176412194Mike HincheyConquering Complexity.2012PDF(Repost),EPUB6/2/2020 5:37:57 PMtopron
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