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CoverAuthorTitlePublish DateFormatCategoryUpload DateThank to
F.M. von Senger und EtterlinTaschenbuch der Panzer 1943 - 1957 [German]1957pdfMilitary Science6/20/2015 7:42:48 PMMaterialistic
Chris ReedModeler's Close-Up #4: E-2C Hawkeye2006pdfMilitary Science6/22/2015 10:24:09 PMMaterialistic
Geoffrey JukesHistoria de la Segunda Guerra Mundial Batallas Libro 4: Stalingrado. La Batalla Decisiva1972pdfMilitary Science9/20/2015 7:02:25 PMMaterialistic
Horst ScheibertPanzerkampfwagen V: Panther (Schiffer Military History)1991-06pdfMilitary Science3/11/2017 10:38:54 PMMaterialistic
Jim WinchesterAmerican Military Aircraft: A Century of Innovation 2005 publication.2005pdfMilitary Science3/29/2017 4:09:56 PMMaterialistic
A. BarretLes Premiers Reporters Photographes 1848-1914 (Tresors de la Photographie)1977pdfHistory9/6/2017 6:58:56 PMMaterialistic
Masaaki HatsumiL'essence du ninjutsu: Les neuf traditions2010pdfMartial Arts9/29/2017 6:57:07 PMMaterialistic
Ralph Blum with Judy BlumBEYOND EARTH: MAN'S CONTACT WITH U.F.O.'S1974pdfAstronomy and Cosmology10/10/2017 8:35:35 PMMaterialistic
Ruckmarsch: The German Retreat From Normandy: Then and NowRuckmarsch: The German Retreat From Normandy: Then and Now [German]2017PDFHistory12/30/2018 5:39:00 PMstirkout
Chris ScarreChronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome1995pdfHistory1/30/2019 8:54:23 PMMaterialistic