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759780157Gilbert StrangLinear Algebra Applications (4th edition)2006PDF7/2/2015 6:32:54 PMbyokwa
759701106L. SirovichTechniques of Asymptotic Analysis (Applied Mathematical Sciences)1971-03-04PDF7/2/2015 1:10:24 PMGustavi
75970082V. I. ArnoldThe Theory of Singularities and its Applications (Lezione Fermiane)1991-05-31PDF7/2/2015 1:09:13 PMGustavi
759698101Stefan HildebrandtGeometric Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations2002-12-16PDF7/2/2015 1:07:24 PMGustavi
75969794N. H. BinghamRegular Variation (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)1989-07-28DJVU7/2/2015 1:06:13 PMGustavi
759696114J.M. BurgersThe Nonlinear Diffusion Equation: Asymptotic Solutions and Statistical Problems2013-12-08PDF7/2/2015 1:04:57 PMGustavi
75967171Kumar S. RayPolygonal Approximation and Scale-Space Analysis of Closed Digital Curves2013-02-19PDF7/2/2015 12:27:52 PMGustavi
75962863Ivor Grattan-GuinnessGeorge Boole: Selected Manuscripts on Logic and its Philosophy (Science Networks. Historical Studies)2012-10-29PDF7/2/2015 11:34:59 AMGustavi
75960897J. George ShanthikumarApplied Probability and Stochastic Processes (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)2012-10-12PDF7/2/2015 11:17:50 AMGustavi
75959396Gregory F. LawlerIntroduction to Stochastic Processes (2nd Edition)2006PDF7/2/2015 10:41:16 AMbyokwa
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