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737363204MultiColossal Library of Chess2013PDF, DJVU5/25/2015 2:04:59 PMGustavi
73735946Svetozar GligoricPlay the Nimzo-Indian Defence (Pergamon chess openings)1985-08pdf5/25/2015 1:24:30 PMtvladb77
735799142Ivan SokolovSacrifice and Initiative in Chess: Seize the Moment to Get the Advantage2013-10-07epub5/24/2015 10:29:05 AMeternal
735575102Gennady NesisTactics in the King's Indian1992-01-05pdf5/23/2015 9:12:25 PMeternal
73522457Drazen MarovicPlay the King's Indian Defence (Pergamon chess openings)1983-11djvu5/23/2015 10:23:42 AMtvladb77
73499286Mark TaimanovTaimanov's Selected Games1996-08-01pdf5/22/2015 11:46:44 PMtvladb77
733262201John NunnUnderstanding Chess Move by Move2001-05-01pdf5/19/2015 10:56:42 AMeternal
731926201Simen AgdesteinWonderboy Magnus Carlsen: How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Grandmaster in the World2004-10-01djvu5/15/2015 10:14:49 PMtvladb77
731740111Sergey IvashchenkoManual of Chess Combinations, Vol. 1a2006pdf5/15/2015 2:08:24 PMtvladb77
728434206John WatsonMastering the Chess Openings volume 42010-05-25pdf5/9/2015 12:06:10 PMtvladb77
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