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112842815Janell Burley HofmanniRules: What Every Tech-healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming, and Growing Up [Audiobook]2014-05-21MP3@64 kbps6/25/2017 3:32:27 AMcomet
112842514Laura DayPractical Intuition in Love [Audiobook]1998-10-07MP3@128 kbps6/25/2017 3:25:06 AMcomet
112841329Dan LewisNow I Know: The Revealing Stories Behind the World's Most Interesting Facts [Audiobook]2013-11-18MP3@64 kbps6/25/2017 3:00:29 AMcomet
112839512Henry CloudIntegrity CD: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reali [Audiobook]2006-02-07MP3@64 kbps6/25/2017 2:27:51 AMcomet
112839415Henry CloudThe One-Life Solution CD: Reclaim Your Personal Life While Achieving Greater Professional Success [Audiobook]2008-08-12MP3@64 kbps6/25/2017 2:26:01 AMcomet
112836923Ray KurzweilThe Age of Spiritual Machines [Audiobook]1999-01-01MP3@64 kbps6/25/2017 1:43:53 AMcomet
112836726Steve GradA Brief History of Everything by Steve Grad (2006-04-01) [Audiobook]1676MP3@32 kbps6/25/2017 1:40:17 AMcomet
112836024Henry CloudThe Power of the Other Low Price CD: The startling effect other people have on you, from the boardroom to the bedroom and beyond-and what to do about it [Audiobook]2017-05-02PDF6/25/2017 1:14:40 AMcomet
112835977David MeansHystopia: A Novel [Audiobook]2016-11-08MP3@48 kbps6/25/2017 1:11:00 AMcomet
112834266Barry RitholtzBailout Nation [Audiobook]2009-06-25MP3@32 kbps6/25/2017 12:35:40 AMcomet
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