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CoverAuthorTitlePublisherPublish DateFormatCategory
Michael J. O'ConnellCarbon Nanotubes: Properties and Applications 2006-05-03pdfChemical Engineering
R. McWeenyMethods of Molecular Quantum Mechanics 1992-05-26djvuPhysics
Michael A. PastoreSecurity+ Study Guide 2003-02-21chmSecurity
Milenko BraunovicElectrical Contacts: Fundamentals, Applications and Technology (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2006-12-15pdfElectrical Engineering
Donald J. BorrorDictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms 1960-09pdfDictionaries
Sergei GorlatchIntegrated Research in GRID Computing: CoreGRID Integration Workshop 2005 (Selected Papers) November 28-30, Pisa, Italy 2007-01-18pdfComputers (Other)
David CrystalThe Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language 2003-08-04pdfEnglish
Bernd KramerContributions to Ubiquitous Computing (Studies in Computational Intelligence) 2007-02-21pdfComputer Science
Jan WalleczekSelf-Organized Biological Dynamics and Nonlinear Control: Toward Understanding Complexity, Chaos and Emergent Function in Living Systems 2000-05-18pdfBiology
Margit PavelkaFunctional Ultrastructure: Atlas of Tissue Biology and Pathology 2005-03-22pdfMedicine