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CoverAuthorTitlePublisherPublish DateFormatCategory
Cathy H. WuBioinformatics for Comparative Proteomics (Methods in Molecular Biology)Humana Press2010-11-19pdfBiomedical Engineering
Woon Siong GanAcoustical Imaging: Techniques and Applications for Engineers 1st EditionWiley2012-07-23pdfChemical Engineering
Andrzej NowickiAcoustical Imaging: Volume 31Springer2012-04-20pdfPhysics
Michael P. AndreAcoustical Imaging: Volume 30Springer2011-08-04pdfPhysics
Dana PhilpottE. coli: Shiga Toxin Methods and Protocols (Humana Methods in Molecular Medicine)Humana Press2010-10-20pdfBiology
M. MumenthalerDidaktischer Atlas der klinischen Neurologie (Klassiker der Medizin) (German Edition)Springer2011-05-23pdfMedicine
Krishna DronamrajuHaldane, Mayr, and Beanbag GeneticsOxford University Press2011-01-07pdfMedicine
John R. HubbardSchaum's Outlines - Programming With C++Mcgraw-Hill1996-06-21pdfC and CPP
Edwin WiseRobotics DemystifiedMcGraw-Hill Education2004-11-10pdfRobotics
Angelika TaschenTaschenatlas Augenheilkunde [German]Thieme Georg Verlag2004-09-30pdfMedicine