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107479880Seymour B. ElkA New Unifying Biparametric Nomenclature that Spans all of Chemistry: The science of incorporating daily over 2,000 new names to a base of over 42 million compounds while still maintaining orderChemistry4/4/2017 6:28:57 PM
1073808109Mark D. MillerReview of Orthopaedics, 4e (Miller, Review of Orthopaedics)Medicine4/3/2017 9:25:06 PM
107335474Robert MartinHandbook of Hydroxyacetophenones: Preparation and Physical Properties (Developments in Hydrobiology)Chemistry4/2/2017 11:08:37 PM
107308375R.D. NobleMembrane Separations Technology, Volume 2: Principles and Applications (Membrane Science and Technology)Chemical Engineering4/2/2017 4:28:39 PM
107245736Shalaby W. ShalabyPolymers for Dental and Orthopedic Applications (Advances in Polymeric Biomaterials)Biomedical Engineering4/1/2017 12:01:43 PM
107172338James E. MarkPolymer Data Handbook: On-line access to full text available with purchase instructions in book.Chemical Engineering3/31/2017 1:17:09 PM
107116443C. Stan TsaiBiomacromolecules: Introduction to Structure, Function and InformaticsChemistry3/30/2017 10:58:30 PM
107116138Kash L. MittalPolyimides and Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, volume 2Chemistry3/30/2017 10:51:44 PM
107115442Basil J. WakefieldOrganomagnesium Methods in Organic Synthesis (Best Synthetic Methods)Chemistry3/30/2017 10:40:32 PM
107114939Vincent T. AndrioleThe Quinolones, Third EditionChemistry3/30/2017 10:33:09 PM