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12448863177Sean EkinsComputational Toxicology: Risk Assessment for Chemicals (Wiley Series on Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry)Chemistry1/20/2018 10:05:58 AM
12448853115Mathieu AndroDigital Libraries and CrowdsourcingComputer Science1/20/2018 10:04:58 AM
12448843123Bhanu P. S. ChauhanNovel Nanoscale Hybrid MaterialsChemistry1/20/2018 10:03:58 AM
12448833113Satya R. ChakravartyAnalyzing Multidimensional Well-Being: A Quantitative ApproachEconomy1/20/2018 10:02:58 AM
12448823134Pierre HuardThe Management of Chronic Diseases: Organizational Innovation and EfficiencyMedicine1/20/2018 10:01:47 AM
12448813390Pierre MuretFundamentals of Electronics 2: Continuous-time Signals and SystemsElectrical Engineering1/20/2018 10:00:32 AM
12448793208Christophe SimonData Uncertainty and Important MeasuresMathematics1/20/2018 9:59:15 AM
12448783080AICPAGuide: Preparation, Compilation, and Review Engagements, 2017/18 (AICPA)Management1/20/2018 9:58:03 AM
12448763120Zhiguang GuoSurfaces and Interfaces of Biomimetic Superhydrophobic MaterialsChemistry1/20/2018 9:56:49 AM
12448753064Subhash BhallaIntelligent Computing and Information and Communication: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference, ICICC 2017 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)Algorithms1/20/2018 9:55:31 AM
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